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Ridgefield Recycling Center and  Compost Operation

Jennifer Heaton-Jones and her team of HRRA staff and volunteers gave CRC members an overview of operations at the Ridgefield Recycling Center as well as an in-depth look at one of its new offerings:  a grant-funded solar powered static-aerated pile composting operation for food waste and other organics.

The Recycling Center offers Ridgefield residents drop-off opportunities for a wide variety of items:

Cooking oil 

Plastic film

Deposit beverage containers

Food scraps



Shredded paper

Single stream Recycling (SSR)

Corrugated cardboard





The composting operation was funded in part by a grant from the USDA and the Recycle CT Foundation. The project cost approximately $110,000 which included solar infrastructure, electrical components, blower, pipes, a trommel to screen finish compost and skid steer to move material.  Several local businesses contributed to the project, such as the donation of material for the shed to house the electrical components, fencing and concrete.  

To encourage participation residents may purchase a collection kit for $15.00 that includes a kitchen collection bin, compostable bags and a 6-gallon carry container.  Residents do not need to purchase the kit and may use their own containers; however the bags do help some residents overcome the “yuck factor” of food waste collection.  The drop-off of food scraps is free to permit holders.  

Promising results of the pilot project include 55 cubic yards of finished compost given away since Spring 2023.

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